• Create

    Get into Jukebox mode and start the party

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  • Connect

    Invite friends and others at the party to join the social jukebox

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  • Control

    Get into Remote mode and request songs at the party

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When to Jammup

Christmas, New Year, A New Hair Cut, Pet's Birthday, A Monday morning or A Thursday Afternoon - you can Jammup with your friends to create a reason to be together and make that one hell of a party!

App Tour

Hello Mr.Host, if it's your party, make sure your Jammup-loaded phone is connected to the speaker and fired open.
And Hey Mr. Guest, ensure you download Jammup , join the party and rock it by playing your favourite songs. For those who still trying to get a hang of it, lets take you on the app tour.

Getting Started

This is where the action starts. Decide the role you want to take up in this party.

If Jukebox –your phone becomes the host to play music from your existing phone library. You may need to connect your phone to speakers for everyone’s benefit.

If a Remote – you will have access to the playlist in the Jukebox that you have checked-in. And you can request the song that you want to hear from that playlist.

A Jukebox

If you have already have some great songs on your phone, may we suggest that you become the host and make your phone the Jukebox and plug it to the speakers.

Tip : Ensure you have popular songs on your phone that people can relate with so that they can take charge , while you sit back and enjoy.

Activating Party Mode

Now that you are a host , create an attractive name for your Jukebox.
If you think your party is quite private, make sure you lock your jukebox with a secret pin.

Move on.

Tip: Don’t forget to plug your phone to the speakers for maximum fun.

Just Play

Now that you are plugged in , just press the play button for the Party to begin.

If you want to revisit your playlist, press the button that you see below.

Tip: You don’t want to any particular song to play at anytime during your Jammup session, delete it from the playlist by clicking on the delete option after tapping on the three vertical dots.

Remote In Action

Oh so you don’t want to let go of your phone at the party and still want to have as much fun. Well, go ahead be the remote and join a party.

Tip: Make sure your data connection is on. We need connectivity for Jammup to connect with your Party Host’s Jukebox. And we use very little of it :)

Jammup Parties

You can see the parties on Jammup around you here. Check into the one that you are at. If you see a lock, make sure you ask your host to give you the passkey.

Tip: To check how requests work, check- into Jammup Lounge and request away. We at Jammup , are open and catering to your requests 24/7 :)

Make Requests

The button right at the bottom of the screen, is where the catalogue of song lies. Go ahead, press it.

You will see your Host’s playlist. Press the request button, right next to the song of your choice. And there, the next song to be played could be that of yours.

You just made a rocking request to liven up this party. Thanks .

Tip: If a request takes longer than expected, check if your phone has connectivity.

Download Now

Now that you have successfully learnt the art of partying-for-all-reasons, you are ready to Jammup.

Finding your favourite song made super easy with the search and sort option.

App Highlights

Here are some absolute musts that you should know when partying with Jammup


Its Free!! Download NOW


Your Jammup loaded phone is now a Jukebox. Host Unlimited parties


You can request unlimited songs for FREE when you check into someone's party


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We are now convinced that you want to make your life one big party, so what are you waiting for? Lets Jammup!!